Usa metalica Zamolxis

Usa este realizata din tabla zincata cu grosimea de 1,10 mm cu model realizat prin ambutisare. Are doua fete imbinate prin sudura. Grosimea usii este de 60mm. Tocul este realizat din tabla zincata de 1,5 mm grosime, modelul este realizat prin laminare la rece iar imbinarile prin sudura. Pragul si toate intariturile sunt confectionate din tabla de 1,5 mm grosime pentru a-i conferi mai multa rezistenta.

Product details

Constructive features:
- usa realizata din tabla zincata cu grosimea de 1,10 mm cu model realizat prin ambutisare.
- It has two sides, joined by welding.
- The frame is made of 1.5 mm thick zinc-plated sheet metal.
- The design is executed by cold lamination, and joinings are welded.
- The threshold and all the reinforcements are made of 1.5 mm thick sheet metal to give it more strength.
The door is produced in both variants:
- open to the right
- opening to the left
Door sizes:
- standard: 2050 x 880 mm
- other sizes are produced upon order

The door distinguishes itself by several security elements increasing the safety level against opening of door by breaking entry.

Metal fittings:
- multi-system main lock
- lock with cylinder and print and shield against breaking of entry.
- additional shields welded inside the door next to locks, to eliminate the possibility to make a whole in the lock beside the shield against breaking of entry
- fixed bolts welded to the door bench, becoming active when the door is closed, thus preventing the door from sliding off the frame.
- print keys
- acest model de usa nu este prevazut cu vizor insa la cerere poate fi adaugat.

The door is highly insulated, both thermally and phonically.

Interior insulation:
- the interior is insulated by basaltic wool, which provides higher thermal and sound insulation
- is provided by tubular fitting applied on the wall frame, highly resistant in the outer environment.

The door is visually remarkable by high quality finishes, both on bench, and on frame.

The door bench and frame:
- are painted in electrostatic field with outdoor resistant powder paint (special weather, UV light, frozen/warm).
The paint is a thermally-sensitive powder based on saturated polyester resins chosen for their special strength against aging in atmospheric conditions, UV radiations and mechanical actions .
- available colors: check color chart.
- If you need a different color, please fill the order form.

The door requires minimal maintenance, but for a longer period of use, it is recommended to observe certain indications given by the manufacturer.

- Greases and oils may be removed by water and liquid detergent for dishware or window detergent. At the end, always rinse with water and wipe the door with a soft cloth.
- The resistant dirt will be softened by plenty of water until it may be cleaned.
- Do not use mechanic tools or instruments (knife, cutter, palette knife, wire sponges, etc.) to clean the door surface. They may scratch the metallic door, thus deteriorating its esthetic appearance.
Do not use lead- or ethyl-based gasoline, kerosene, diluents, solvents, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, etc.

The door is visually remarkable by high quality finishes, both on bench, and on frame.

- the product warranty is limited to 36 months from the purchase.
Certificate of warranty:
- certificate download
- A product may be returned if manufacturing flaws are found following a written claim. For these reasons, please contact us by the means made available on this site
- The door will be mounted only by qualified persons who respect the fire extinguishing and work protection standards.
Instructions and installation / mounting:
- download instructions.
The manufacturer or distributor do not take liability for any faulty installation or for other issues caused by improper transportation.





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