1. Online or phone order.

Online ordering does not force you to buy the product.

After you place the order, you will be contacted by a sales representative who will give you all the details concerning the price, manner of payment, deadline and delivery manner, as well as the delivery address. Click here for online order.

2. Purchase form Bucharest Showroom.

Metallic doors may be seen, tested and purchased from our headquarters, where we display, in our showroom, the most popular designs in the range of outdoor-resistance metallic doors.

If the standard product is not available at the moment or the color that the client wishes for is not on stock, the client may order it by making a down payment, and a delivery deadline is to be agreed. The same procedure applies as regards orders of atypical doors, but the execution and delivery deadlines may differ.

Before you visit us, please make an immediate appointment by phone, as our schedule is 09-17 only on working days.

3. Purchase from DIY (Do It Yourself) store network.

Metallic doors manufactured by our factory are available in most BricoDepot, DEDEMAN, Leroy Merlin, HORNBACH stores, etc...

In these stores, orders CANNOT be received for atypical doors or for other colors than those currently on the stock of said store.

NEW: In Hornbach stores, orders for atypical doors are received!




For any other questions, you may contact us by the means made available on site. Thank you for your understanding.

Enjoy your shopping!


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