What kind of safety do metallic doors provide?

The safety of metallic doors is superior to wooden, brass doors or plated with MDF.

TraciaDoor® metallic doors are manufactured exclusively in Romania. Given the criminality rate internationally reported in terms of breaking into apartments or houses/villas, our engineers have designed, tested and implemented new safety elements making it heart to break entry into your home. These elements are improved while new ways of breaking entry are reported. We are studying the profile market and we are making sure that we align to the newest safety requirements of metallic doors. All these innovations applied in the security of metallic doors are made by maintaining a reasonable production price – out of respect for the beneficiary of our product.

Safety Elements of TraciaDoor® Metallic Doors manufactured in Romania.

The door is made of multi, 0.8mm thick, with a design by cupping. 
It has two sides, joined by welding.
The door is 60mm thick.
The frame is made of 1.5 mm thick zinc-plated sheet metal.
The design is executed by cold lamination, and joinings are welded.
The threshold and all the reinforcements are made of 1.5 mm thick sheet metal to give it more strength.
The doors are attached to the frame by 3 adjustable hinges with screws, and they may be equipped with one or two closings, being provided with anti-breaking entry shields to protect the hub.
To increase the safety level, it is recommended to choose a door with two closing systems.

Polyurethane foam and door security.

The doors that are mounted or, better said, "fixed" by polyurethane foam do NOT provide mechanic strength and security. The polyurethane foam is a soft, compressible material which allows for the deformation of the frame if a robber places a mechanic device (jack) between two sides of the frame, deforming it. Regardless of the make or price of the purchased lock, it may be removed from the sheath, and the door will open by itself.
We are recommending to mount a door upon order according to the size of the door area, with a maximum gap of 15mm. Through the frame holes, the door is attached to the wall by metallic dowels, then the plugs are placed back on, and the door is fixed by polyurethane foam in the entire inner cavity of the frame.
There is the possibility to mount the door by welding, but we recommend to be very careful so as not to touch the frame while welding, and the concrete iron used should be welded to the supports that the inner door frame is provided with.
As regards the doors equipped with a window on the side of the door or with transom-window (above the door), it is absolutely necessary to build in.
Contact a technical consultant of our company before making any purchase. You will be given the most correct pieces of advice.

Respect the assembly instructions.

The security of your house greatly depends on the assembly manner. A door which is wrongly mounted, which does not close correctly or which has too much blank is an invitation for amateurs to break into the house.
The door will be mounted only by qualified persons who respect the fire extinguishing and work protection standards.

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